NB-IoT Modules

ML5535 Ultra-small & ultra-low power consumption NB-IoT module in LCC form factor



The CHEERZING ML5535 module is an ultra-small & ultra-low power consumption NB-IoT module.

It is available in LCC form factor and have been designed to meet various demands of customer's needs for M2M applications. Smart metering, smart parking,smart manhole cover, smart lighting and asset management are perfect examples of applications where this module could be used.


Product Features

LCC Package                            Ultra-small                         Ultra-low sleep power


Application Fields

Smart Metering                        Smart Parking                     Smart Manhole Cover                            Smart Lighting                    Smart City Council


Main Features

     4G   LTE Cat-NB1
     Size   16.0mm × 18.0mm × 2.5mm
     Package & Pin   40pin LCC
     Frequency Bands   Band5 / Band8
     Temperature Range   -35°C ~ 75°C
     Extended Temperature Range   -40°C ~ 85°C


Data Transimission

     LTE NB1 Rate   24Kbps(DL)/62.5Kbps(UL)
     Network Protocol   UDP / CoAP



     SIM   1.8V/3.0V
     UART   ×2
     ADC   ×1, 10 bit
     SPI   Support
     Antenna   Main


Special Features

     FOTA   ●
     Firmware Upgrade   Via UART/FOTA


Power Supply

     Supply Voltage Range   3.1V~4.2V(typ.3.6V)
     Power Consumption   3uA@PSM,2mA @DRX=1.28s


Application Fields

     Application Fields   Smart City,Smart City Council,Public Asset Tracking,
  Smart Lighting,Smart Manhole Cover etc

File download

  • Click downloads Enclosure:ML5535_NB-IoT Module Product Specification_EN[2018Q1]0307.pdf Size: 1.55MB
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