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ML311X Series Multi-mode LTE Cat4 modules with HSPA+ and/or 2G fallback


ML3110/ML3111 series is a multi-band LTE-FDD and LTE-TDD, alone with DC-HSPA+ in a LCC package. With 3GPP Rel.11 and LTE Cat4, which provides data transfer up to 150kbps for downlink and 50kbps for uplink. ML3120/ML3121 series is the perfect choice for areas that do not yet have LTE coverage where backwards compatibility with 3G and 2G newwork is desired.

ML3110/ML3111 is able to utilize concurrent reception up to five GNSSS systems(GPS/GLONASS/BeiDou/Galileo/QZSS). It greatly improves accurate and reliable positioning information while simplifying the product design.

With abundant network protocols, ML3110/ML3111 integrates insustry-standard interfaces and suports extended operating temperature which can be widely used in telematics, security monitoring, industrial router, CPE, data cards, tablet etc. 


Product Features

LCC package                     LTE Cat.4 Max150Mbps(DL)  Max 50Mbps(UL)                   Embedded various network protocols        USB2.0 

8-wires UART                 Enhanced AT command

Basic Features

     4G   LTE Cat4
     Size(mm)   32.0×29.0×2.6
     Package & Pin   144pin LCC+LGA
     Frequency Bands(MHz)   ML3110
  FDD LTE :B1/B3/B8
  TDD LTE:B38/B39/B40/B41
  TD-SCDMA :B34/39

  FDD LTE:B1/B3/B8
  TDD LTE:B38/B39/B40/B41
  CDMA 2000 1X/EVDO:BC0 
     Temperature Range   -35℃~75℃
     Extended Temperature Range   -40°C~-35°C and+75°C~ +85°C
     Storage Tempeture  Range   -40°C ~ +85°C
     AT Commands   Standard At command (3GPP TS 07.05、3GPP TS 07.07)
  CHEERZING AT command extension: Device control command , Protocol transmission command 


Data Transimission

     LTE Rate(Mbps)   FDD LTE:Max 150(DL)/50(UL)
  TDD LTE:Max 130(DL)/35(UL)
     DC-HSPA+ Rate(Mbps)   Max 42(DL)/5.76(UL)
     WCDMA Rate(Kbps)   Max 384(DL)/384(UL)
     TD-SCDMA Tate(Mbps)   Max 4.2(DL)/2.2(UL)
     EDGE  Rate(Kbps)   Max 236.8(DL)/236.8(UL)
     GPRS Rate(Kbps)   Max 85.6(DL)/85.6(UL)
     EVDO Rate(Mbps)   Max 3.1(DL)/1.8(UL)
     SMS   Support
     CSD   Support



     USIM   1.8V/3V
     UART   8-wires UART
     USB   USB 2.0(High Speed 480Mbps,Full Speed 12Mbps)
  Used for commanding communication, data transimission, Software debugg and firmware upgrade
     I2C   Support
     PCM   support
     Sleep/Wake-up Control   support
     Status Indication   support
     SDIO   2(for Wi-Fi and SD card)
     ADC   2
     GPIO   Support
     Antenna   Main ,Rx-diversity and GNSS


Analog Audio

     Analog Audio Channel   Digital audio(PCM)

     Speech Coding &

     Decoding Schemes 

     Echo  Algorithm   Echo cancellation/Noise suppression


Product Features

     DTMF   support
     SIM Hot Plug   support
     GNSS   GPS/BeiDou/GLONASS/Galileo/QZSS
     Firmware Upgrade   USB interface



     RIL Driver   Android 4.0 or later
     USB Driver   Windows 7
  Linux 2.6 or later,
  Android 2.3/4.0/4.2/4.4/5.0/6.0


Power Supply

     Supply Voltage Range   3.3V~4.3V(typ.3.8V)



Power off   20uA 
Sleep Type   3mA
Idle   22mA
     Sensitivity   FDD B1: -97dBm (10M)
  FDD B3: -95dBm (10M)
  FDD B8: -94dBm (10M)
  TDD B38: -97dBm (10M)
  TDD B39: -97dBm (10M)
  TDD B40: -97dBm (10M)
  TDD B41: -96dBm (10M)
  WCDMA B1: -111dBm
  WCDMA B8: -110dBm
  TDSCDMA B34: -109dBm
  TDSCDMA B39: -109dBm
  CDMA BC0: -109dBm
  GSM 900: -109dBm
  GSM 1800: -109dBm 
     Output Power   Class 3 (23dBm±2dB) for LTE FDD
  Class 3 (23dBm±2dB) for LTE TDD
  Class 2 (24dBm+1/-3dB) for TD-SCDMA
  Class 3 (24dBm+1/-3dB) for WCDMA
  Class 3 (24dBm±1dB) for CDMA BC0
  Class E2 (27dBm±3dB) for EDGE 900MHz
  Class E2 (26dBm±3dB) for EDGE 1800MHz
  Class 4 (33dBm±2dB) for GSM 900MHz
  Class 1 (30dBm±2dB) for GSM 1800MHz


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