Wireless Payment

IoT Applications for Wireless Payment

        The key application of mobile payment field is focused on wireless POS and smart POS, including those for banking, customized devices for operator, public service department and the third-party payment platform etc. Currently, the popularity of mobile payment device is very common in China despite the challenges of emerging payment methods. The market potential is still huge for retail, restaurant, hotel, healthcare, education, transportation, insurance and telecommunication service industry. In the meantime, wireless payment device is also experiencing the transition from traditional payment way to a smart way.
         Mobile payment has high requirements on stability and reliability of wireless data transmission because of the complexity of the network environments and application scenarios. CHEERZING offers customized modules for mobile payment industry and actively meets customer’s needs to ensure data is transmitted securely and stable, and also constantly working on optimizing and upgrading the performance of the module product such as transmission stability, disconnection rate, dialing success rate and remote upgrade etc.



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