Automotive and Transport

IoT Applications for Automotive and Transport

        CHEERZING provides wireless and positioning modules and smart terminal devices that are customized and independent design for automotive customers. Also, CHEERZING offers customized software and platform based on M2M technology and product features. The diversity of product services and systematic solutions which can meet different stages and various needs of customers.
         Internet of Vehicles consists of vehicle’s location information, speed status and tracking information etc. to generate a huge interactive network. CHEERZING offers Internet of Vehicles solutions based on positioning and wireless connectivity technology to meet three types of IoV scenarios like electric bicycle & motorcycle, passenger vehicle and commercial vehicle. It has advantages of good stability, strong anti-jamming capability, smaller size, low power consumption, accurate GNSS positioning, full report etc.

Electric bicycle & motorcycle

        Electric bicycle and motorcycle is a very common traveling tool for most residents and service providers in current China. They are very convenience and high-efficient. As one of the most important city assets, electric bicycle and motorcycle has been highly valued by relevant departments because of its large quantity, asset tracking, anti-theft and management functions
         Bicycle sharing is a new form of sharing economy; it refers to the cooperation between enterprises and government to offer bicycle sharing services in campus, subway station, bus station, residential area, commercial district, and other public service areas etc. Nowadays, bicycle sharing is attracting more and more people’s attention. It is the idea of low carbon transportation. It can divert city traffic jam and also is beneficial to one’s physical and mental health. The problems of asset tracking, resource allocation and information management along with the explosion of bicycle sharing has aroused widely attention.
         CHEERZING has rich experiences in the field of electric bicycle and motorcycle and a diverse range of product lines, such as hardware products like wireless modules, positioning modules and terminal devices; software products like client software, platform software and business management software that are designed for electric bicycle and motorcycle industry customer’s needs based on M2M technology. It can help industry clients to build a secure, reliable and cost-effective solutions and bring them to market faster and become more competitive overall.

Passenger Vehicle

        China has become the largest global automotive consumer market. The introduction of Internet of Vehicles technology has been given much attention in automotive market in the recent years. CHEERZING has rich experience in passenger vehicle industry and offers various reliable solutions.
         CHEERZING provides module products based on positioning and wireless technology to collect data and remote wireless connectivity for passenger vehicle industry customers. The products can be applied to many vehicle devices such as car driving recorder, rear view mirror, OBD etc. For instance, CHEERZING’s OBD product is an OBDII/G- PS/GPRS vehicle remote diagnosis management device integrates its core technology to achieve functions like real-time data collection and tracking, remote diagnosis, vehicle’s status monitoring and fleet management. It also provides client software, platform software and business management software based on Internet of vehicle technology and industry features. CHEERZING’s product series for passenger vehicle can help industry clients to build a secure, reliable and cost-effective solutions and bring them to market faster and become more competitive overall.

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