Smart Home

IoT Application for Smart Home

        CHEERZING’s modules products based on positioning and wireless technology have been successfully applied in smart home area which enable the terminal devices to achieve the functions of location information collecting, aiming and wireless connectivity. Smart home business sector CHEERIZNG enters into is refer to STB(“Set Top Box”)and white goods.

Huhu TV Direct Broadcasting Satellite Service

        Huhu TV Direct Broadcasting Satellite Service is a new TV service approved by CCCPC(“the Propaganda Department of the Central Committee of the CPC”)and organized and implemented by SARFT (“State Administration of Radio, Film & Television”) to solve the problem that people to whom living in rural areas is unable to listen to the radio and watch TV show for a long period of time. Huhu TV direct to home service fundamentally solve the problem in a lowest cost, fastest speed and most effective way. It is beneficial to narrow the gap between urban and rural area and accelerate the equalization of broadcasting satellite TV service to the public and share the achievements of Chinese economic reform.
         Huhu TV Direct Broadcasting Satellite Service is an excellent way of showing how technology has been used to strengthen the national policy to support agriculture and benefit farmers.
         The STB contains embedded wireless module to increase two-way communication and positioning service which greatly expands various application scenarios of the platform of Huhu TV and meets further needs of special requirements.

Smart White Goods

        In China, home appliances can be divided into two categories: white goods and brown goods. White goods refer to washing machines, fridges, air conditioning etc. They are the major household appliances and heavy consumer durables that are typically painted or enameled white. Brown goods is also known as consumer electronics, they are relatively light electronic consumer durable such as TVs, radios, digital media player, and computers.
         CHEERZING’s module products for white goods are based on positioning and wireless technology with the function of location collection and wireless connectivity to change and improve the way white goods applied in daily usage and greatly increase the feasibility of the business mode innovation. They are an essential and important part of the technical improvement in white goods.

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