Smart Metering

IoT Applications for Smart Metering

        In Smart Metering fields, CHEERZING is focusing on providing professional solutions for smart gas meter and smart water meter. CHEERZING cooperates with public service operators and device providers to offer “Centralized Gas Meter Solution” and “Direct GPRS Gas Meter Solution”, it aims to provide smart metering services for public service operators and users to improve operator’s service efficiency and effectiveness and enhance the connectivity between operators and users.

Centralized Gas Meter Solution

        Centralized Gas Meter Solution is managed by concentrator for meter reading and routing, Ad Hoc network with multi-level routing, and increase the coverage area without manual intervention. It features with easy installation, high success rate of meter reading and good compatibility etc.

Direct GPRS Gas Meter Solution

        Direct GPRS Gas Meter Solution achieves information interaction via GPRS network between server and meter device. Administrator is able to connect to the server remotely by using various types of client’s software and is also able to access the meter device and read meter data remotely. It’s more stable and reliable with low power consumption and adapts M2M embedded SIM card chip. It’s able to achieve functions like multiple billing methods, working cycle activation and energy theft detection etc. The advantages of this solution include reliable transmission, easy to install, wide coverage, low maintenance cost and synchronization in real-time.

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