Smart Metering

Successful Case for Centralized Gas Meter Solution for Residential Customers

Solution Overview

        CHEERZING is focus on providing smart gas meter solutions for gas operators and device providers. It aims to enhance the connectivity between gas operators and users to better serve them.
CHEERZING offers three different types of solutions for gas operators specifically target their residential customer's needs.

1、Module Solution

  • External SIM card + GPRS module
  • SIP SIM based GPRS
  • High stability shipments over ten million, low power consumption

2、Gas Meter Mainboard Solution

  • Centralized Gas Meter Solution, includes GPRS concentrator and mainboard for residential customers

3、Gas Meter Management and Control Subsystem Solutio

  • Smart gas meter management and control platform
  • Access the smart gas meter control subsystem to business operation support system(BOSS system)

Solution Framework

Solution Value

For Gas Operators

1、Tiered  Pricing

Meet the demand of tiered pricing and price adjustment, and reduce the loss due to the gas pricing structure.

2、Gas Safety

Timely manage user’s gas using status, alarm all kinds of unusual gas usage.

3、Gas Dispatching

Control system comprehensively analyzes user’s gas using load change and provides the basis for gas dispatching.

4、Gas Theft Detection

Remote monitoring and reduce gas theft.

5、Meter Reading Efficiency

Reduce operating expenses by managing manual operations remotely and improve efficiency.

6、Reduce Nuisance

Change the way to read meters inside residential household and protect resident’s privacy and safety issue.

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